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The Chartered School is an institution which aims to provide quality learning to budding professionals by connecting with the students and understanding their requirements. We, here at The Chartered School, extend our support beyond the classrooms and lectures and aim to not only teach you but mentor you to become better professionals and better individuals. The Chartered School is a family of passionate individuals who desire to create value for students by interlinking a practical approach with exam focus.

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Our students believe in us and in the quality we provide and that belief is our source of energy which drives us to create content for our students. We work for our students and they have always appreciated us for that.

Akanksha Madan

 I was searching for SCMPE lectures for understanding and concept building as per ICAI Material. Found the right one.

Jerry Raja

Super Sir. Really great. Who all used to hate this subject start to love this subject after watching your lectures. Great effort. I am from Tamil Nadu and know only a little bit Hindi but I can clearly understand your explanation. Thank you so much Sir.


Going through each lecture of yours and they are amazing. Thank you so much Sir.

Madhur Aggarwal

Your Hard work is very helpful for CA Final Student
Because your teaching based on good Study Material of Institute and other faculty do not it.
Thanks a lot😊 Madhur Aggarwal

Mansi Agrawal

Two days back was searching for the costing faculty, someone on FinApp suggested me to check your lectures. Thank you for such great efforts. I’m actually able to retain the whole chapter after viewing the lectures.

Prachi Goyal

I watch your ca final costing videos . Pretty impressive, even more understandable and clean. I like the way you teach (far better than the old teachers) who charge hefty amount.

Priyam Jain

Sir, I have read the chapter from Module but its not possible to learn the chapter from the module. I am trying to learn the chapters from your notes because they are very precise and importance based.

Riya Thakur

Loving your lectures. Helping 100%. Thank you Sir.


Sir ur efforts are appreciable..u really did a lot for us...these lectures are just like the best faculties lectures for which we usually pay more  nd i can say better than those...u tried as much as simple u can made it for us...

Siddhi Vyas

oh such a great teaching style. Came to know about your lectures through LinkedIn, saw one video each day and I am happy. Really appreciated. Thanks.


Thank you for your lectures.
You are doing a commendable job🙏🏻

Verghese Eldo

 I came across your classes for SCMPE and absolutely loved it

Yashaswi Avasthi

Thank you for the great much needed insights for the subject. 
This subject would now require a completely different approach for the Analysis part. 
Great work!